Resilient Fields Virtual Launch

August 16 | 7:00pm - 8:30pm

Online Event

Join us for the virtual launch of Resilient Fields, a new web-based sustainability tool based in science for Ontario field crop farmers.


1. Opening remarks - CFFO President Ed Scharringa

2. A tour of Resilient Fields

3. Video clips of Resilient Fields Official Launch

4. What farmers are saying

5. Discussion



Resilient Fields helps farmers work through BMP conflicts and trade-offs to solve practical field by field issues. Learn to protect economic goals while achieving environmental gains.

Access over 40 solutions based in science and supported by over 150 reference articles available at your fingertips. Our focus is on Ontario based solutions for soil management, nutrient loss management, growing season management and water management. Access more many other apps directly through Resilient Fields.

Access Resilient Fields on your phone or computer.