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The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario is a professional organization for families involved in the business of farming. We value family enterprise, profitability and a responsible stewardship of resources. You will find an extensive amount of material here that reflects the commitment of our members to public policies that provide a robust legislative environment for the business of farming. We welcome and encourage those that share our commitment to value-based farming businesses.

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CFFO Concerns around the Road Safety Rules that apply to Agriculture

  • New technology and strong commodity prices are changing the face of agriculture. Equipment is faster, larger, and hauling bigger loads of goods. There is an increasing danger of a tragic accident. The sector needs to have a goal of being pro-active in reducing this risk. The CFFO believes the steps outlined in our position statement will help accomplish that goal.

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Occupational Health and Safety Act

  • There are new regulations being introduced under the Occupational Health and Safety Act that all workplaces are required to fulfill. This is a Fact Sheet about the new health and safety training requirements. The expectation is for all businesses to have completed this process by July 1, 2014.