BOSS for Farms

BOSS: Best Optimization Scenario Selection

The CFFO is committed to helping farmers make better choices about which Best Management Practices (BMPs) to use on their farms.

The goal of our Boss for Farms project is to develop an automated, user-friendly decision support tool to allow farmers to more easily find the right combination of BMPs to suit their individual field conditions, the stewardship needs of their regions, and their economic goals.

In 2019, CFFO received $80,125 in funding from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP) towards the first-year costs of the project. CFFO consulted members attending the 2019 CFFO Policy Tour in order to link local knowledge about practices like tillage, cover cropping and erosion control to OMAFRA’s Best Management Practices Series. These findings will be combined with emerging research to establish the necessary foundational data and information set to build BOSS for Farms.

Further research and development support for the project will be provided by Agri-Food Economic Systems.

This project was funded in part through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership (the Partnership), a federal-provincial-territorial initiative. The Agricultural Adaptation Council assists in the delivery of the Partnership in Ontario.

BOSS Project Sponsors