The CFFO represents over 4,000 farm families across the province – from Essex County to the Ottawa Valley, from Rainy River to the Bay of Quinte.

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Our members run their family farms as both a business and a way of life. They are entrepreneurs serving local, domestic and international markets.


CFFO members are involved in a wide range of the over 200 commodities produced in Ontario.

Farm Size

Farm size among CFFO members is larger than the provincial average. An increasing number of these farms employ more than one family member full-time or rely on paid labour.


Our members belong to a broad range of traditions, including Anglican, Baptist, Eastern Orthodox, Mennonite, Pentecostal, Reformed and Roman Catholic denominations. CFFO is committed to the Christian values that motivate our members.


We see ourselves as stewards – not masters – of the land, plants and animals we farm. This commitment goes beyond the property line. Our decisions envelop care for nature, our neighbours and the next generation.