Christian Farmers Wellness Program

The National Farmer Mental Health Alliance (NFMHA) provides training, education, and resources to improve access to agriculture-informed mental health services.

As psychotherapists with lived ag experience, we understand the unique stresses and challenges that farmers and farm families face. We’ve partnered with the CFFO to offer services that reflect your faith and farm-based values and needs, including:

- Engaging and informative webinars, such as ‘Building Faith and Resilience’, ‘Coping with Stress’, and ‘Protecting your Farm’s Greatest Asset”. Presented on Zoom, you can attend these workshops anonymously from home, the field, or the barn.

- Mental health articles in The Steward.

- Posts on CFFO social media.

Visit to connect with an agriculture-informed therapist and for further mental health resources.

CFFO Wellness Webinars

This informative webinar series is led by a trained psychotherapist who is also a Christian and a farmer. Topics are designed to help improve mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being for farmers and farm families.

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Thank you to our partner, the National Farmer Mental Health Alliance.