Ed Scharringa


Ed has worked in vegetable and flower wholesale, farm market retail and the restaurant business, bringing both farming and marketing experience to the CFFO Board. Ed joined the CFFO Board of Directors in 2009, serving in various roles. He currently also serves on Presidents' Council and is vice-chair of the Agricultural Adaptation Council. Ed and his wife, Elaine, have six children, four of whom continue to work in the agri-food industry today.

Frank Hoftyzer


Frank hails from Hastings, where he and Julia, his wife and business partner, got their start in dairy farming. They have also been involved in the goat industry, and they currently run a cash crop and custom farming business. Frank currently serves on the Board of the East Central District Christian Farmers Association and the Environmental Council of Farm & Food Care Ontario. He has also served as president of the Ontario Soil and Crop Improvement Association.

Henk Vaarkamp


Henk and his wife, Ans, emigrated from the Netherlands in 1985. They started dairy farming in Haldimand County with their four children; their son joined the business in 2004. Henk has served on the Haldimand-Norfolk District Christian Farmers Association, the Haldimand Dairy Producer Committee and the Haldimand Agriculture Awareness Committee. He is also active in his church, having served as an elder. He and Ans spend time each winter in the Dominican Republic, engaged in mission work and development projects.

Tom Diemand


My wife and I run a business and we are also both members of the Perth District of the CFFO. I have been self-employed most of my life mainly in Ag-related businesses. I enjoy being involved in our Parish of Immaculate Conception in Stratford, Ontario. It is a joy to be so blessed to spend time with my children and grandchildren.

Bethanee Jensen

Director & Treasurer

Bethanee owns and operates Shepherd’s Fold, a Dorset sheep farm near Brussels. Today, she and her husband, Pierre, are semi-retired. Bethanee has a passion for farmland preservation and serves on the board of the Ontario Farmland Trust. She served her first term on the CFFO Board of Directors in 2011 and has been involved in CFFO leadership ever since, including serving on the board of the Huron District Christian Farmers Association.

Ian Greydanus


Ian farms with his wife, Caroline, in Grafton. They have four children, two of whom are involved in the farm business. Together, they run a cash cropping and grain elevator enterprise. Ian was part of the grassroots which established the Grain Farmers of Ontario organization, having served 12 years as a director on the former Ontario wheat board. He currently serves as vice-president of the East Central Christian Farmers Association. He has also served several terms on his church council.

John Van Dyk


John Van Dyk is a milk producer near Tavistock. He is married to Anna and together they have 9 children. John has previously served on Oxford Milkway Transport and Perth County Milk Committee.

He was also a Board Member for both Autism Canada and for Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario.

John is currently serving on the Perth County CFFO. John would be happy to serve again on CFFO as it is a challenging and exciting time to speak up on behalf of CFFO members and their issues. 


Sandy Kursis


Sandy is blessed to live on the home and farm where she grew up. When her parents passed away, she and her husband and partner, Ted, had no hesitation in moving to the farm full-time in 2001. At a stage in life when most people think about retirement, they chose to start a new adventure. Sandy and Ted can well identify with young farmers trying to enter the industry. The licenses, laws, and legislation are daunting, and the investment required is formidable. However, they are pleased to report that their "Kurwood Farm," 100 acres of rolling countryside, forest, and clay soil, produces honey and cash crops.

Based on a neighbor's recommendation, they joined the CFFO. That same neighbor had something to do with Ted coming home from his first District AGM and announcing to Sandy that he had been elected President of the Simcoe County District. They haven’t looked back since. Sandy was elected to the Board at the following AGM and has served as both Secretary and Treasurer.