Soil Health Research

Aerial sensors to assess soil organic carbon levels

The CFFO is committed to supporting long-term research into soil health. We’ve partnered with University of Guelph researchers to assess soil organic carbon levels.

The level of soil organic carbon (SOC) in agricultural soils is the key factor regulating soil health because it directly benefits soil's physical, chemical and biological properties. It also determines soil’s ability to maintain plant growth, water and air quality, and nutrient cycling.

Using a variety of sensors, researchers from the University of Guelph are assessing SOC on farms across Ontario with different soil types and climate conditions. The goal is to develop a method for measuring SOC quickly and economically, across all parts of each field. Researchers will be able to measure the impact of specific management practices in the field, over time.

The ultimate goal of this multi-year project is to help Ontario farmers monitor SOC levels in their fields and adjust their management practices to improve soil health.

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