The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario is a professional organization for family farm entrepreneurs. As an Accredited Farm Organization, we advocate on behalf of our members, advising provincial government on policy solutions for a broad range of agricultural and rural issues.

Our Mission

We advocate for policy that encourages Christian stewardship and supports thriving family farms.

Our Faith

Our members belong to a broad range of Christian traditions, including Anglican, Baptist, Eastern Orthodox, Mennonite, Pentecostal, Reformed and Roman Catholic denominations.

CFFO is committed to the Christian values that motivate our members. We seek to be an example of and a voice for the stewardly care of God’s creation.

Our Values


We value family-based farming where the family is involved in the ownership, management and everyday work of the farm.

Farm Diversity

We envision a rural landscape that has a place for large, medium and small farms.


We support stewardship practices that will leave our farms in as good or better condition for the next generation.


We work to develop farm policy that balances social, economic, and environmental concerns.


We pursue policy that focuses on the people of agriculture as much as the success of farm businesses.

Fair Price

We value marketing systems that fairly compensate farmers for their labour and stewardship efforts.


We believe farming is a calling from God as a career and way of life. Farmers can glorify the Creator through their stewardly care of creation.

Our History


The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario is founded in March 1954 by 12 Christian farmers representing four local districts.


The Federation continues to grow and new local districts are founded across the province. CFFO hires its first part-time staff in the late 1960s.


The CFFO hires full-time staff, beginning in 1971. Membership grows steadily from 100 to 600 and the number of local districts increases.


Membership remains steady through the 1980s. The Federation’s involvement in public policy issues grows dramatically, expanding to include national and international issues.


With the introduction of Ontario’s Farm Business Registration (FBR) program in 1993, membership jumps to 3,000 members, adding to the strength and diversity of the organization.


Membership continues to expand. More staff are hired to meet the wider needs of the organization and to increase CFFO’s electronic and media presence.


The CFFO purchases an office building in Guelph. Today, the CFFO represents over 4,000 farm families, ranging from full-time commercial family farm entrepreneurs to part-time, hobby and life-style farmers across the province.