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Bill C-282 Supply Management.

Jul 18, 2023

July 18, 2023

Attention: Luc Thériault M.P.
1095 Montée Masson
Mascouche, QU J7K 2M1 Delivered via email: luc.theriault@parl.gc.ca

Re: Bill C-282 An Act to Amend the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Act (Supply Management)

Dear M. Thériault,

The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO) is an Accredited Farm Organization representing the interests of over 4,000 farm families in Ontario who are called to the vocation of farming. CFFO policy promotes economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable farming, advocating that farmers receive fair return for their production and stewardship efforts.

We are writing to state our support for your Private Member’s Bill C-282, An Act to amend the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development Act (supply management). The CFFO strongly supports the value of our supply managed system for dairy, poultry and eggs across Canada.

This Bill will ensure that supply managed commodities are not part of international trade negotiations. Since the focus of supply management is controlled production for domestic consumption, it is appropriate that these commodities should not be part of international trade negotiations.

In the past, supply managed commodities have been used as a bargaining chip to gain advantage for non-supply managed commodities. This pits our farming sectors one against another. We have also seen that the benefits expected from these trade deals for our internationally traded commodities did not materialize, resulting in a lose-lose situation for Canadian agriculture overall.

We hope all parties will support this Bill and protect our Canadian supply managed systems, while still supporting international trade for those commodities which are produced to meet global needs.

Ed Scharringa, President Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
cc: Hon. Marie-Claude Bibeau, MP, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Hon. Lisa Thompson, MPP, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ontario
Senators for Ontario

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