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Harvest Road Safety Week

Jul 07, 2023

July 07, 2023

Attention: Rob Flack, MPP
750 Talbot Street, Suite 201
St. Thomas, ON N5P 1E2 Delivered via email: rob.flack@pc.ola.org

Re: Harvest Season Road Safety Week Act, 2023

Dear Mr. Flack,

The Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario (CFFO) is an Accredited Farm Organization representing the interests of over 4,000 farm families in Ontario who are called to the vocation of farming. CFFO policy promotes economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable farming, advocating that farmers receive fair return for their production and stewardship efforts.

We are writing to state our support for your Bill 115, Harvest Season Road Safety Week Act, 2023. The CFFO supports efforts to increase road safety in rural areas, especially during the busy harvest season. It is vitally important to make all drivers aware of the increased risks and safety best practices to save lives and prevent injuries.

We hope MPPs in all parties will support Bill 115 as a way to increase road safety and make the broader public more aware of the hard work farmers do throughout the year, but especially in the harvest season.
Thanks for your support for farmers.


Ed Scharringa, President Christian Farmers Federation of Ontario
cc: Hon. Lisa Thompson, MPP, Minister of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, Ontario

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