FBR Registration

You can become a CFFO Member through the Farm Business Registration (FBR) Program. All Ontario farm businesses that gross $7,000 or more annually are required by law to register annually.

The FBR Program registration fee is $255 + HST.

Registration Renewals

Once you have registered your farm business, Agricorp will send you an invoice each year. The annual deadline to renew is March 1.

Renew Your Registration

New Registrations

You can register online through Agricorp, a government agency that administers the FBR Program. You’ll be asked to select an Accredited Farm Organization (AFO) to represent you. We hope you’ll choose us!

Register Now

Once you’ve registered through Agricorp, we’ll send you a CFFO member laneway sign and CFFO membership card. This card entitles you to a number of benefits including automatic subscriptions to Faith Today and Country Guide. To opt-out of either subscription, please contact info@christianfarmers.org or 1-855-800-0306.

There are many reasons to register:

Choose the CFFO to advocate on your behalf!

Questions about the FBR program? Contact Agricorp for more information.