Nutrient Management

What is the Issue?

Fertilizing the soil is a necessary part of farming. There are always risks of nutrient loss into the wider environment. In recent years, farmers have done excellent work to reduce nutrient loss into waterways, but many challenges still exist.

Why Does It Matter?

Because most farmers are large landholders, they have a duty to employ farming practices that will not hurt their neighbours downstream.

Farming has been under increasing scrutiny in recent years, despite monumental strides in nutrient management practices. CFFO believes that it’s important for the industry to continue this good work, both to serve the environment and to maintain public trust.

What Does CFFO Want?

Research and innovation – Investments today will help farmers reduce nutrient losses into the environment.

Funding for monitoring projects – Government has focused several projects on the Lake Erie watershed. CFFO would like to see guaranteed supports extended to other areas of concern, as well.

Solutions to Nutrient Loss in Waterways – Farmers are already working hard to prevent soil erosion and nutrient loss. CFFO promotes measures, incentives and support programs that will help farmers reach government targets.

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