Soil Health

What is the Issue?

The CFFO is concerned about the long-term quality and fertility of farmland soil.

Why Does It Matter?

Good soil stewardship is foundational for farming. But it’s also foundational to human health and prosperity, as well as the health of the broader environment.

While strong research and extension support is important, in the end, it will be farmers on the front lines, promoting soil health across Ontario. Through their good stewardship, all of society benefits.

What Does CFFO Want?

Support for Soil Health – Biodiversity and soil organic matter depend on sustainable farming practices like crop rotation, cover crops and livestock grazing. CFFO supports recommendations, like these, that are promoted in Ontario’s Agricultural Soil Health and Conservation Strategy. We need follow-through on its recommendations to support farmers best practices.

Solutions to Nutrient Loss in Waterways – Farmers are already working hard to prevent soil erosion and nutrient loss. CFFO promotes measures, incentives and support programs that will help farmers reach government targets.

Soil Data & Mapping – Farmers need the best information in order to apply best management practices that are right for their farms. It’s time to update Ontario’s soil mapping.

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