Farm Labour

What is the Issue?

Labour policy should balance the needs of both employees and businesses. The CFFO seeks policy that supports farmers and their employees.  

Why Does It Matter?

In the current context, worker safety is extremely important to farmers. Agriculture was facing a labour shortage before the pandemic began in 2020. Farmers depend on seasonal labour to bring crops to harvest. Policy that recognizes the needs of both employers and workers is necessary to ensure a secure food supply.

What Does CFFO Want?

Government collaboration with the industry – Farms are unique workplaces. It's vital that farm labour policy take normal farming practices into account. Collaboration with industry stakeholders can lead to solutions that protect worker safety through regulations that farmers can employ practically.

Worker Safety – Farmers rely on workers, often welcoming temporary foreign workers to Ontario each year. The pandemic has brought the needs of worker safety into sharp focus. The CFFO supports policy that protects foreign workers through expert safety standards, practical housing regulations, and registries for companies operating as temporary help agencies.

 Solutions to address labour shortages - The agri-food industry has been struggling with labour shortages for years. Government support for food literacy education, other training programs and other education opportunities could all boost interest from young people to seek employment in this industry.

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