Land Use Policy

What is the Issue?

The CFFO is concerned that short-sighted land use policy will jeopardize the future livability of our province.

Why Does It Matter?

The CFFO believes that the land should be set to its best purpose. The best food-growing land should be tasked with growing food. The most naturally sensitive land should be dedicated to nature. The land that is not particularly well suited to either of these purposes should be a place for housing and other development.

Good planning and density targets can prevent urban sprawl onto our valuable food-growing and naturally sensitive lands. But without government intervention, building outward will remain more profitable than building upward.

What Does CFFO Want?

Provincial Policy Statement (PPS) – For the long-term wellbeing of the province, The PPS, which directs municipal land use planning and guides municipal land development for all of Ontario, must not prioritize development over farmland preservation.

Agricultural Impact Assessments – The CFFO recommends the implementation of assessments that will measure the impact of planned developments on the Agri-Food Network before significant changes are made.

Natural Heritage Planning – Nature preservation is vital for sustainability, but CFFO recognizes the balance between the needs of the environment and the needs of farmers to produce food. Both can happen together.

Letters & Submissions

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