Farmland Preservation

What is the Issue?

The CFFO is concerned about the long-term protection of our best farmland for farming.

Why Does It Matter?

Population growth is expected in Ontario, and most people will settle in the same regions that are home to our most productive farmland. Keeping Ontario food secure and finding homes for future residents is a huge challenge.

More than ever, our prime farmland needs to be protected.

What Does CFFO Want?

Stronger protections – CFFO recognizes the need for development but encourages protections for prime farmland facing development pressures—in and beyond the Greater Golden Horseshoe.

Province-wide agricultural land-base mapping – Better on-the-ground mapping will help municipal planners incorporate agriculture in their long-term land use planning.

Policy that strengthens our agri-food network – Protecting farmland for farming also means making sure farm businesses and small towns thrive. Farmers need access to input suppliers, feed mills, food processing, veterinarians and other local businesses that support agriculture.

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Additional Information

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