Agri-food Sector Success

What is the Issue?

The agriculture and agri-food sector is a cornerstone of the Ontario economy, but we need political will to help it thrive.

Why Does It Matter?

The needs of a healthy agri-food network are complex, requiring investment and a fulsome understanding of the needs of agriculture on the part of our government.

Economic, labour, energy and environmental policies—to name a few—can either help or hinder our province’s farmers and rural communities.

What Does CFFO Want?

Economic responsibility – Agriculture is a capital-intensive industry that relies both on credit and sophisticated management to maintain healthy and viable farm businesses. Risk Management programs need to meet these complexities.

Labour policy – Labour policy should balance the needs of both employees and businesses. Extreme changes, like 2018’s sudden minimum wage increase, jeopardize the livelihood of small and medium-sized business owners, as well as job security.

Energy policy – Energy costs, including carbon pricing, have been onerous on agriculture. We believe it’s possible to develop provincial energy policy that is both sensitive to our needs and reflects good stewardship of the land, atmosphere and waters.

Investments in rural infrastructure – Farmers rely on rural infrastructure for business success. Expanding and maintaining rural infrastructure will boost economic growth. Rural broadband expansion is also crucial: modern farming relies on internet-based tech, from GPS-enabled tractors to online marketing.

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